‘V’ app, a Gateway to Meet Your Favorite K-pop Stars On-Live

-       Globally Launched for Android users first with iOS version coming in mid-August
-       Hottest K-pop celebrities are waiting to share their daily life with global fans
-       25 K-pop stars on the lineup with more celebrities to be added!

A live-streaming video application featuring the hottest K-pop stars, V app, was released for Android users worldwide. V is a global service developed in cooperation between major Korean entertainment management companies and Korea’s no.1 internet mobile service company, NAVER.

Currently, 25 K-pop celebrities are signed up on the on-air lineup, including Big Bang, SM Town, Infinite, Kara, GOT7 and Girls Day. Later on, Hong Kong stars and non-Korean celebrities are expected to join the lineup. The released Android version is supported in English first. iOS version is expected to be released in mid-August, while official version launch is scheduled for late-August. All the users can easily login to V app, using existing SNS accounts such as LINE and Facebook. V app also provides subtitle service for all users to enjoy the contents even though they don’t know Korean. With the official version release in August, Chinese and Japanese subtitle service will be provided.

All live-broadcasts are aired globally with the first broadcast to be aired on August 1st, 9:00 PM, Hong Kong Time. On the lineup, a live concert by GD and TOP from Big Bang is scheduled to be aired on August 4th, celebrating their new unit album. Other K-pop stars such as Wonder Girls, Winner and 2PM are also on the list with fun and dynamic contents to be shared with global users.

Individual channels are established for each celebrity and with ‘Star Following’ feature, users can receive alarm if their favorite star starts their live-broadcasting. With other additional features such as ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Chemi-beat,[1]’ users can be stay updated for upcoming on-air schedule and have more interactive experience with the stars. Each day, two to six new contents are released and after a live-broadcasting, users can watch the video again through VOD service.

The contents comprise three categories – ‘Special Live,’ with videos of concerts and other entertainment events, ‘App Live,’ for celebrities to provide self-developed contents with topics including beauty, cooking, education and personal counselling and ‘Spot Live’ with a sneak peek into daily life of a celebrity.

Though V app, users can watch special showcase videos and discover fun and genuine aspects of the celebrities that are never been disclosed before, depart form standardized contents commonly found on YouTube. Also equipped with real-time chatting feature, V app will provide more engaging and interactive experience for global users to enjoy with their favorite stars.

v On-Air Schedule 
(Hong Kong Time)
 [Special Live]
Aug. 1st 21:00
Winner & iKON
Game competition, Winner vs. iKON
Aug. 3rd 19:00
Wonder Girls
Showcase for the new album, REBOOT
Aug. 4th 22:00
G-Dragon & T.O.P
To be revealed on Aug.4th
Aug. 6th 19:00
To be revealed on Aug.6th
Aug. 7th 21:00
Bangtan Boys
World Tour Live in Thailand
 [App Live]
Aug. 4th 21:30
Miss A (Fei)
Exercise Tips
Aug. 5th 21:30
2PM (Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Nichkhun)
Aug. 5th 22:00
AOA (Hyejeong)
Body Beauty
Aug. 6th 21:00
Apink (Cho-rong, Ha-young)
Personal Counselling Radio
Aug. 6th 21:30
Complete the mission from fans

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V is a global live-streaming video application launched by Korea’s IT service company NAVER, also the parent company of global messenger LINE. Based on its know-how and technology established through the operation of Starcast, a live-broadcasting service providing various video contents of Korean celebrities, Naver’s V offers lively videos of celebrities, uncovering different aspects that global fans has never seen before.

For more about V’s celebrity lineup: http://www.allkpop.com/v 

NAVER Corporation is Korea’s No.1 Internet company, operating the nation’s top search portal 'NAVER' (both PC and mobile). NAVER has introduced many innovative services over the years, such as ‘Comprehensive Search’, ‘Knowledge iN’ and ‘Real-time Rising Keyword'. In addition, since releasing the ‘NAVER' application, NAVER has launched applications for a wide variety of services. NAVER offers innovative mobile services for the global market, including the mobile messenger LINE through LINE Corporation, NAVER’s subsidiary. NAVER launched the Webtoon service in June 2004 in Korea and has pioneered distribution and consumption of webtoons, also known as internet cartoons. (http://www.navercorp.com/en/index.nhn).

[1] Chemi-beat (as a short form of chemistry beat) is the relationship index between a celebrity and a user as beat count. Getting closer to a celeb will increase user’s BPM level. As the level goes up, the color of Chemi-beat changes. The higher the Chemi-beat, user’s chance to win the event that the celebrity is hosting increases.


agnès b.進軍香港二十年 呈獻「Love Goes On」二十週年企劃 由Captain Love引領穿越時空的愛心旅程

agnès b. 於1995年進駐香港,旋即掀起一遍法式風潮,其清新文藝的風格、自然優雅的氣質,以愛衝擊當時的時裝潮流,並造就一群低調展現個人品味的優秀族群。2015年,agnès b.於香港扎根二十個年頭,為慶祝這段如花盛放的品牌旅程,特別呈獻Love Goes On二十週年企劃,繼續愛心旅程。

…The journey continues with a celebrating      concept store…

全球首間 I Love Flowers by agnès b.概念店
agnès b.在Agnès領導下如花般盛放,對花卉的熱愛驅使Agnès將二十年前在香港開設的第一間店舖–中環皇后大道東9號The Galleria女裝店,變身並命名為「I Love Flowers by agnès b. 」,成為全球首間以花卉為主題的概念店,她更特別為此店設計出以花為主的時裝及首飾系列,當中融入亞洲氣息的旗袍設計再度回歸,並注入法式情懷的花卉圖案,匯聚東西文化的美學精髓。

Captain Love為你導航
今年正值是agnès b.進軍香港的二十週年,為隆重其事,品牌破格的以慶祝大使Captain Love來引領香港的朋友,參與一個超越界限的旅程,與大家時光旅行,重溫agnès b.於香港20年來的點滴片段,同時穿越未來,與大家出席一連串以愛為名「Love Goes On」的慶祝活動,跟agnès b. 一起擁抱正面而光明的未來。

第一站:Love of Music (愛音樂)
agnès b.聯乘musiK11 Love Goes On Live音樂會
agnès b. 一直鼓吹以音樂宣揚愛,適逢今年是agnès b.二十週年,我們以愛生活為主題,用音樂歌頌愛,為將這份愛傳播開去,先於八月舉行香港站音樂分享會,再於九月初伸延至台北,讓更多人可透過音樂感受愛的力量。
日期:      2015年8月1 日 (星期六)    
地點:      香港K11- 露天廣場
時間:      下午4時至晚上6時
參與歌手:黃靖、The Stay Up許懷欣、
                 The Yours、Lil’ Ashes小塵埃
日期:      2015年9月3日  (星期四)
地點:      台北信義區香堤廣場
時間:      晚上7時﹣10時
參與歌手:Coming soon 

第二站: Love of Flowers (愛花卉)
九月份開設I Love Flowers by agnès b. 全球首間以花卉為主題的女裝店
進駐香港第一間店正式變身「I Love Flowers by agnès b.」女裝店結合Agnès對花卉的鍾愛及熱情,帶來與別不同的店舖設計及裝飾,同時設計出一系列全新以花卉為主題的女裝 I Love Flowers by agnès b.系列服飾及配飾Agnès更特別為此店的開幕設計出花團錦簇的旗袍及絲巾系列,並為此系列拍攝動人悅目的

第三站:Love of Art (愛藝術 )
929日起至1231日舉行Far East Far West 塗鴉藝術
Agnès鍾情藝術,並成為品牌的基因,因此她希望能邀請世界各地出色塗鴉藝術家於香港聚首一堂,合辦一個東西匯聚的塗鴉藝術之旅,由9月29日起於中上環SOHO區、荷里活道「尋找」“Agnès牆”,讓各地出色藝術家畫下塗鴉作品,來一次創意無限的藝術「走動」展,為agnès b. 香港20週年慶祝活動畫上完美句號。

獲邀參與這次塗鴉藝術展的藝術家包括:法國的Philippe Baudelocque、Lek 及Sowat,美國洛杉磯Cleon Peterson,與及本地的五位朋友BarlosCaratoesParent’s ParentsSinic Wais

太空來的驚喜:慶祝大使Captain Love
為慶祝agnès b. 香港二十週年,從「太空」遠道而來的Captain Love,將會以不同形象現身於香港不同地域 (包括以香港K11- 露天廣場為首站的巨型Captain Love 藝術裝置展覽,展期由即日至831),與大家見面,提供大家尋找或與Captain Love Selfie的機會。

為大家帶來正能量的Captain Love,更期望帶領大家繼續這場愛的旅程。只要下載agnès b. LOVE GOES ON手機應用程式,根據指示與3D的Captain Love拍照 (snap with Captain Love),並上載至社交平台與好友分享,即可獲得agnès b. CAFÉ L.P.G.迷你蛋糕。

agnès b. LOVE GOES ON手機應用程式內,還設有互動遊戲,讓你與好友分享Agnès對音樂、花卉與藝術的熱誠,全情投入Agnès b.「以愛起動」的美麗世界。


更多有關agnès b. 20週年慶祝企劃的詳情將於稍後於agnès b. 官方facebook專頁(www.facebook.com/agnesb.officiel) 及手機應用程式

關於agnès b.
法國時裝設計師 Agnès b. 憑藉個人創作及對藝術文化的熱誠,蘊含個人直覺、感情及生活體驗,為品牌建立獨特的風格,奠定其於國際時裝界的地位。自1973年品牌正式創立,兩年後在巴黎開設首間 agnès b. 女裝店舖,到了1995年,香港第一間女裝店舖亦正式誕生。其後,更開設不同的生活概念店包括花店、咖啡室、朱古力店、藝術廊、電影院,迄今,全世界有超過330家店舖。