Pont des Arts and Pierre Hermé Paris unique collaboration 龐迪莎與Pierre Hermé Paris攜手締造精品禮盒

This year exclusively, Pont des Arts and Pierre Hermé Paris brought together their unique concepts and the French “savoir-faire” to make the best gift for men in Hong Kong. The ambition of the two brands has been to imagine the best association of their respective products in order to create a unique “French taste” experience. 
僅限本年,龐迪莎與Pierre Hermé Paris融合其對法式生活品味的獨特理解,攜手締造讓男士們心動的精品禮盒。龐迪莎與Pierre Hermé Paris糅合各自專長,創造出滿載獨特法式品味的精品禮盒。

Two brands, one vision

In the constant search of beauty, quality and pleasure, the main ambition of Pont des Arts and Pierre Hermé Paris is to share abroad what France does best. 
龐迪莎與Pierre Hermé Paris鍥而不捨地追求美麗、愉悅及品質,決心在全球各地推展法蘭西精粹。 

Pont des Arts has been creating limited edition art and wine since 2010 and is now available in 15 countries. Pont des Arts is a bridge between art and wine, East and West, collectors and newcomers alike. It has married the best from the Art world (starting with Zao Wou-Ki, Yue Minjun and Miquel Barceló) and the wine world and spirits (Paul Pontallier and other highly respected wine experts from France such as the Godet family). 

Heir to four generations of Alsatian bakery and pastry-making traditions, Pierre Hermé began his career at the age of 14 as an apprentice to Gaston Lenôtre. Famous in France, Japan and the United States, the man that Vogue Magazine called “the Picasso of Pastry” revolutionised pastry making with regard to taste and modernity. Having “pleasure as his only guide”, Pierre Hermé has invented a totally original world of tastes, sensations and pleasures. Pierre Hermé has now boutiques established in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.
出生於阿爾薩斯道統糕點世家的Pierre Hermé,是家族的第四代傳人,年僅14歲時已師從法蘭西糕點巨匠賈斯通雷諾特學藝。被時尚雜誌譽為「糕點世界的畢加索」的Pierre Hermé,破天荒地將現代風格注入糕點創作,其名聲遠達法蘭西、日本及美國等地。Pierre Hermé視「愉悅為唯一指標」,進而創造了眾多新穎的味覺及感官享受。Pierre Hermé於巴黎、東京及香港等地均設有門市部。

A unique taste experience: 40 years old XO Fine Champagne Cognac “Infinity” with chocolate bonbons and macarons
獨一無二的體驗︰40年XO Fine Champagne Cognac “Infinity”配搭朱古力及馬卡龍 

Pont des Arts and Pierre Hermé Paris are proud to unite for a very special collaboration: launching a limited edition of macaron, chocolate and cognac gift box. 
龐迪莎與Pierre Hermé Paris攜手締造限量版馬卡龍、朱古力及干邑精品禮盒。

Pont des Arts Cognac XO Fine Champagne “Infinity” is a unique blend of exceptional and rare eaux-de-vie resulting from the collaboration of the Pontallier family and the Godet family, creating exceptional cognac since 1782. 
混合干邑地區罕有佳釀的Pont des Arts Cognac XO Fine Champagne “Infinity”,是法蘭西兩大名酒家族的合作成果。響譽全球的戈代家族,其干邑釀造歷史可追溯至1782。

It comes exclusively from the heart and the best terroirs of the Cognac region: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. It has complex, subtle aromas of violet, jasmine, honey and prune, and it is characterised by a great elegance, a unique velvety texture and a memorable taste that lasts for up to 15 minutes on the palate. The originality of this very unique Cognac also directly results from its label, designed by the world renowned Chinese artist Yue Minjun. Through its idiosyncratic style of bold humour, the snake is an allegory of the number 8, the lucky number in Chinese folk tradition. Bending to chase its own tail, Yue Minjun snake symbolises a graphic infinity also expressed through the cognac’s very special taste.
Pont des Arts Cognac XO Fine Champagne “Infinity”,選用干邑地區最享負盛名的大香檳分區及小香檳分區所產佳釀。其香味展現過人的多樣性,散發紫羅蘭、茉莉、蜂蜜及西梅等;風格極為優雅、口感如天鵝絨般柔滑,味道久久不散達15分鐘之久。酒瓶上作品出自大師岳敏君手筆,寓意飲家如登仙境之感。岳敏君大膽而幽默的風格乃人所共知,在這幅詼諧的畫作中,形態滑稽的蛇象徵中國道統的幸運數字8,正如蛇身彎曲著追逐自己的尾巴──其無限之意並不只限於吉祥,亦是享用這款頂級干邑之趣味。

Pierre Hermé Paris Chocolate Bonbons: Like a magic potion, chocolate is a source of intense, unique pleasures. In order to fully savour the desirable characteristics of a good chocolate, it should be consumed in a quiet environment. Chocolate unfolds all of its aromas and its ideal texture at a room temperature of about 21°C (Size: 60g). 
Pierre Hermé Paris Chocolate Bonbons: 朱古力濃郁味道的誘人之處,有如神話中的魔法藥水。如要充分發掘其細膩味道,應在安靜的環境下品嘗朱古力。在攝氏21度的室溫下,朱古力的香味將充分發揮。(重量︰60克) 

Pierre Hermé Paris Macaron Box is an assortment of 3 macarons comprised of the following flavours: 
Mogador (Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit) 
Infiniment Chocolat Païneiras (Pure Origin Brésil Plantation Païneiras Dark Chocolate) 
Huile d’olive & Vanille (Vanilla, Olive Oil & Slices of Green Olive). 
Pierre Hermé Paris Macaron Box包括下列3款馬卡龍︰ 
Mogador (牛奶朱古力及熱情果) 
Infiniment Chocolat Païneiras (純正巴西Païneiras黑朱古力) 
Huile d’Olive & Vanille (雲呢拿、橄欖油及青橄欖)

Limited edition: 50 hampers
HKD 3500
Available at Pierre Hermé Paris
於Pierre Hermé Paris有售

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